April 8 Events

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April 8th, 2008 (April 08 2008)EventYi So-yeon became the first South Korean to fly in space.
April 8th, 2006 (April 08 2006)EventShedden massacre: The bodies of eight men, all shot to death, are found in a field in Ontario, Canada. The murders are soon linked to the Bandidos motorcycle gang.
April 8th, 2004 (April 08 2004)EventDarfur conflict: The Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement is signed by the Sudanese government and two rebel groups.
April 8th, 2004 (April 08 2004)EventU.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice testifies before the 9/11 Commission.Condoleezza Rice Quotes
April 8th, 2000 (April 08 2000)EventNineteen Marines are killed when an V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft crashes near Marana, Arizona.
April 8th, 1999 (April 08 1999)EventHaryana Gana Parishad, a political party in the Indian state of Haryana, merges with the Indian National Congress.
April 8th, 1992 (April 08 1992)EventRetired tennis great Arthur Ashe announces that he has AIDS, acquired from blood transfusions during one of his two heart surgeries.Arthur Ashe Quotes
April 8th, 1990 (April 08 1990)EventNew Democracy wins the national election in Greece.
April 8th, 1989 (April 08 1989)EventSouth Africa: The Democratic Party is formed from the merger of four parties.
April 8th, 1989 (April 08 1989)EventThe two Greek Communist parties, along with smaller left-wing parties, merge to form the Coalition of the Left and Progress in Greece.
April 8th, 1987 (April 08 1987)EventLos Angeles Dodgers executive Al Campanis resigns amid controversy over racially-charged remarks he had made while on Nightline.
April 8th, 1985 (April 08 1985)EventBhopal disaster: India files suit against Union Carbide for the disaster which killed an estimated 2,000 and injured another 200,000.
April 8th, 1975 (April 08 1975)EventFrank Robinson manages the Cleveland Indians in his first game as major league baseball s first African American manager.
April 8th, 1974 (April 08 1974)EventHank Aaron hits his 715th home run breaking Babe Ruth s record of 714.Babe Ruth Quotes
April 8th, 1973 (April 08 1973)EventThirty-two terrorist bombings in Cyprus take place.
April 8th, 1968 (April 08 1968)EventBOAC Flight 712 catches fire shortly after take off. As a result of her actions in the accident, Barbara Jane Harrison is awarded a posthumous George Cross, the only GC awarded to a woman in peacetime.Jane Ace Quotes
April 8th, 1960 (April 08 1960)EventThe U.S. Senate approves the Civil Rights Act of 1960 despite Southern senators marathon filibuster effort.
April 8th, 1957 (April 08 1957)EventThe Suez Canal in Egypt is reopened.
April 8th, 1953 (April 08 1953)EventMau Mau leader Jomo Kenyatta is convicted by Kenya s British rulers.
April 8th, 1952 (April 08 1952)EventU.S. President Harry Truman calls for the seizure of all domestic steel mills to prevent a nationwide strike.
April 8th, 1950 (April 08 1950)EventIndia and Pakistan sign the Liaquat-Nehru Pact.
April 8th, 1946 (April 08 1946)EventThe last meeting of the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, is held.
April 8th, 1943 (April 08 1943)EventU.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in an attempt to check inflation, freezes wages and prices, prohibits workers from changing jobs unless the war effort would be aided thereby, and bars rate increases to common carriers and public utilities.
April 8th, 1942 (April 08 1942)EventWorld War II: Siege of LeningradSoviet forces open a much-needed railway link to Leningrad.
April 8th, 1942 (April 08 1942)EventWorld War II: The Japanese take Bataan in the Philippines.
April 8th, 1940 (April 08 1940)EventWorld War II: Great Britain and France announce that they have mined Norwegian territorial waters to prevent their use by German supply ships.
April 8th, 1935 (April 08 1935)EventThe Works Progress Administration is formed when the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935 becomes law.
April 8th, 1929 (April 08 1929)EventIndian Independence Movement: At the Delhi Central Assembly, Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt throw handouts and bombs to court arrest.
April 8th, 1918 (April 08 1918)EventWorld War I: Actors Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin sell war bonds on the streets of New York City s financial district.Charlie Chaplin Quotes
April 8th, 1916 (April 08 1916)EventIn Corona, California, racecar driver Bob Burman crashes, killing three and badly injuring five spectators.
April 8th, 1913 (April 08 1913)EventThe 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution, requiring direct election of Senators, becomes law.
April 8th, 1908 (April 08 1908)EventHarvard University votes to establish the Harvard Business School.
April 8th, 1904 (April 08 1904)EventThe French Third Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland sign the Entente cordiale.
April 8th, 1904 (April 08 1904)EventBritish mystic Aleister Crowley transcribes the first chapter of the Book of the Law.Aleister Crowley Quotes
April 8th, 1904 (April 08 1904)EventLongacre Square in Midtown Manhattan is renamed Times Square after The New York Times.
April 8th, 1899 (April 08 1899)EventMartha Place becomes the first woman to be executed in an electric chair.
April 8th, 1895 (April 08 1895)EventThe Supreme Court of the United States declares income tax to be unconstitutional in Pollock v. Farmers Loan & Trust Co.
April 8th, 1893 (April 08 1893)EventThe first recorded college basketball game occurs in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.
April 8th, 1886 (April 08 1886)EventWilliam Ewart Gladstone introduces the first Irish Home Rule Bill into the British House of Commons.William Ewart Gladstone Quotes
April 8th, 1866 (April 08 1866)EventItaly and Prussia ally against Austria-Hungary.
April 8th, 1864 (April 08 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of MansfieldUnion forces are thwarted by the Confederate army at Mansfield, Louisiana.
April 8th, 1832 (April 08 1832)EventBlack Hawk War: Around three-hundred United States 6th Infantry troops leave St. Louis, Missouri to fight the Sauk Native Americans.
April 8th, 1820 (April 08 1820)EventThe Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Melos.
April 8th, 1808 (April 08 1808)EventThe Roman Catholic Diocese of Baltimore was promoted to an archdiocese, with the founding of the dioceses of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Bardstown (now Louisville) by Pope Pius VII.
April 8th, 1767 (April 08 1767)EventAyutthaya kingdom falls to Burmese invaders.
April 8th, 1730 (April 08 1730)EventShearith Israel, the first synagogue in New York City, is dedicated.
April 8th, 1513 (April 08 1513)EventExplorer Juan Ponce de Leon declares Florida a territory of Spain.
April 8th, 1271 (April 08 1271)EventIn Syria, sultan Baybars conquers the Krak of Chevaliers.
April 8th, 1149 (April 08 1149)EventPope Eugene III takes refuge in the castle of Ptolemy II of Tusculum. Ptolemy Quotes
April 8th, 1139 (April 08 1139)EventRoger II of Sicily is excommunicated.
April 8th, 1093 (April 08 1093)EventThe new Winchester Cathedral is dedicated by Walkelin.
April 8th, 0217 (April 08 0217)EventRoman Emperor Caracalla is assassinated (and succeeded) by his Praetorian Guard prefect, Marcus Opellius Macrinus.

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